Internet Radio, Global Events Network, Record Label and Community

In 2005, Alex Traska and Erick Andersen ( two members of the DJ forum ) decided it would be fun to start a small internet radio station. A few weeks later, I started broadcasting a live show called 'Down In The Basement' with my son David and every week, we'd connect and share our favourite underground tunes with listeners around the world. It wasn't long before we got to know some of these fellow music lovers, became good friends and, as time passed, this small community had grown into a 'family', meeting regularly for parties in places as far flung as Norway, Ireland, USA, Canada, Germany, Japan and Australia aswell as here in England.

We had support from many of the best underground DJs on the scene - playing at our events and performing live for us on air - Mark Farina, Demarkus Lewis, Boo Williams, Joey Youngman, Jason Hodges, DJ Heather, Charles Webster, Jay-J, Miguel Migs, Joshua, Karl Almaria, Miles Maeda and Fred Everything are just some of the many DJs that played for us. It was a pleasure to be involved in a community that stuck to it's values and shared a love of music for it's own sake. This week, after 13 years of broadcasting, we decided it was time to call it a day but there are plenty of archives to hear still on our soundcloud...