Like every child of the sixties, I grew up with The Beatles on the television and knew immediately I wanted to be in a band when I was older. I started going to gigs when I was 12 and while schoolmates stacked their radiograms with T.Rex and Bowie singles, my musical education was augmented with Pink Floyd, Neil Young, Yes and King Crimson. I was soon making noises on my first electric guitar and an old reel to reel tape machine. And so it began.

Punk happened and right from my first gig, at the age of 16, at the legendary Eric's nightclub in Liverpool and my first Radio One session for John Peel in 1980, I have never looked back or lost the bug for playing, recording and enjoying music. After auditioning for Magazine and Spizz Energi and playing in a string of local bands, my fifteen minutes finally came in the nineties with Fishmonkeyman. Probably best known for the indie-hit 'If I've Told You Once' which led to deals with Warners and Virgin Music and put the band on tv, radio and the road.

By 2000, I found myself spending more time behind a pair of Technics 1210s than with a guitar around my neck and was lucky to be asked to DJ at parties in Europe and the USA, producing a few well-received underground house tracks and running an internet radio station.
My love for indie music was soon rekindled though when I started producing records for Sunstack Jones in 2011 and I became a member of Red-sided Garter Snakes, the band John Lever (The Chameleons) put together in 2014, releasing two albums and playing live in Manchester.

This year sees the release of an album of my first songs since the 90s. Everything So Far is the first release under my own name, made with the help of good friends and featuring songs recorded in summertime on the leisure peninsula. I hope you like it....