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  • KLUTZ on SoundCloud

    Link to my SoundCloud page where you can hear some productions and stuff I have performed on over the years. Recent projects like Sunstack Jones, The Red-sided Garter Snakes as well as a couple of random things, some Fishmonkeyman bits and my first Radio One session for John Peel with Dead on Arrival from back in 1981.

    SUNSTACK JONES on SoundCloud

    Link to the Sunstack Jones SoundCloud page where you can hear some tracks from the 2 albums and 4 singles I have produced for them since 2012. Released on vinyl through Mammoth Bell Recording Co, Eighties Vinyl Records and Brass Button Recordings. All songs recorded at Whitewood Studios, Liverpool and The Panic Room, Wirral.

    POLITBURO on Bandcamp

    Link to Politburo's Bandcamp page. Includes a bunch of songs I recorded with Politburo between 1982 and 1985 including the Euphoria EP on Skysaw Records, 'Room 205' from the BBC Radio Merseyside flexi-single Two Minute Heroes and 'Innocence' from the Jobs For The Boys compilation album. Available to hear and download for the first time and in WAV format too.