POLITBURO Two Minute Heroes

This flexi-single made available by BBC Radio Merseyside was my first ever release. It resulted from a competition held by broadcaster Roger Hill and featured tracks from two other local bands - Rocky & The DA's and Klanglos, as well as Politburo's 'Room 205'. The track was produced by Dave Dix at Pete Fullwell's Benson Street Studio, Liverpool.

1984 BBC Radio Merseyside 7" Single

POLITBURO Jobs For The Boys

This merseysound compilation featured Cook Da Books, Afraid Of Mice, Broken Promise and a whole host of other local bands doing the rounds at the time. 'Innocence' opened up side two of the album and came from the same Benson Street recording sessions. Dave Dix played keyboards as well as producing and engineering.

1984 Natalie Records Compilation Album


This 3 track EP for Pete Leay's Skysaw label earned Politburo's first Radio One airplays and had great reviews in NME, Sounds and Melody Maker. 'Euphoria' (the a-side) was backed with 'The April Shower' and 'Half A Hairpin'. The songs were recorded by Dave Dix at Benson Street and at Station House in New Brighton.

1985 Skysaw Records 12" EP